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    Hi Richard, 

    I can understand what you're saying. Because you're threading the screw so the transmission is held securely in place, the last few turns can be a little difficult. 

    To get some additional leverage, have someone help you, and instead of turning the screw, lay the transmission on the table, firmly hold the screwdriver, and have the helper turn the transmission. 

    And don't worry. Because the hedgehog is a one-time build, if any of the parts are damaged during the assembly, you can reach out to us regarding replacement parts. 

    Thanks for choosing Thames & Kosmos and good luck building your hedgehog. 

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  • Kaiclubbe

    Yeah, my boys (10 and 12) had problems with the screws too. What I found worked was using a full-size screwdriver into which I could put a very small head. Got lots more leverage. But this is really only a workaround. It'd be good to have doable w/screwdriver from kit.

    Still, cool kit. 

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  • Richard Todd

    We finished the kit. It's a great product - my daughter loves it. It definitely needs a full size screwdriver with a decent head, and still an enormous amount of pressure to turn every screw in the kit. Even with this frustration, I'd still recommend to others, and we will still be looking at what else is available.

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